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The Department of the Biology was formed in 1987 by merging the previously existing section of Marine Biology and department of Botany, destined to meet the growing demand of workforce and to improve teaching resources, headed by Dr. Wak-Kim Poo, Ph. Prior to this, Marine Biology section used to be the Fishery section which was founded in 1970 was one of three sections in Marine Department and renamed in 1974.

The combination made our faculty much stronger and boarded our program fields: Botany, Zoology, Ecology, Morphology, Physiology and Molecular Biology. Under the support of Ministry of Education and Chinese Culture University, students may have a place on research projects or are able to participate in an internship outside school. Meanwhile, research facilities and specific types of equipment are available.

As a matter of fact, Biotechnology had become the main trend of the future Biology. As far as the prospects were concerned, the teaching direction has been changed gradually. The new name of Department, Life Science, replaced the former in 2004. Approximately 4,000,000 expenses are spent on expanding laboratory device, particular on high price Biotechnology-related. Therefore, instead of finding extra research place, students can be benefited by the simpler way: to enroll on the Biotechnology course.

Life Science covers an extremely wide range of disciplines related to organisms. Thus, liberal education and fundamental studies are the main principle. Furthermore, Our B.S. degree prepares students for careers that draw upon the Innovation, fundamental Medicine, Biotechnology, Agriculture research, Biology-teaching, Ecology Conservation. Besides, we offer diversity programs of study, for instance, local Plant Identifies, Biometrics, Animal behavior science, Population ecology, Bioinformatics, Evolutionary Biology, Biotechnology, Mycology, Immunology and Biodiversity and conservation.

The educational goals of the Department of Life Science are training talents in the field of fundamental life-sciences. We focus on the balance of each subjects as we consider the development for our department, especially in the fields of modern life sciences, such as molecular biology, bio-technology, and ecological conservation.


Curriculum subjects covering a very broad spectrum are routinely offered. Thee subjects concerning about foundation medicine, the biotechnology, the agriculture, conservation, local Plant Identifies, Biometrics, Animal behavior science, Population ecology, Bioinformatics, Evolutionary biology, Biotechnology, Immunology, etc., are included.

PCCU located nearby Yang Ming Mt. National Park, Teachers and students have great chances to carry out ecological experiments in the Park. For students, in situ observations on the relationship between organisms, between organism and environment trigger their interests in field studies.






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